Multifunctional Laptop Stand Case


Multifunctional Laptop Stand Case

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Laptop case is used to protect laptop from being damaged, but there is no other functions at all. While traditionally, the laptop stand is too bulky to carry out and often takes a lot of time to set up, which is turning it into a productivity-killer. Last but not least,  you may forget your health damaged after long time hunching work.

This Laptop Case combines the all advantages of laptop case, stand and wrist rest, you will never be troubled by carrying too much items and forgetting to take one of them, because all are integrated together. 

Easy to carry out on the go out/business trip, light and slim design, only bring more convenience and fun for travel.

 With the built-in strong magnets, laptop still stays safe inside the stand case with heavy shaking.

  It’s very easy for you to setting up this laptop stand and only take few seconds to lift stand up and drop it down. 

This Laptop case's stand is constructed with triangle structure, meaning it’s as strong and stable to hold dozens of books. 

Our stand has two adjustable elevation 15° or 35° degrees, making it easy to find the ideal height and comfort for different people on all kinds of occasions.

The high-lift mode greatly optimizes your sitting posture and applies an elevation angle of 35° to the computer screen.

The low-lifting mode takes a 2 inches elevation and can be perfectly adoptive to standing desks. 

 The water repellent fabric effectively avoid water, coffee and rain enter or pass through the case to damage laptop.  

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